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Napa Fire Update

In light of the continuously burning fires throughout Napa and the surrounding areas, the tennis program and lessons at NVTA will be cancelled until October 27th.

If you are on a USTA team, or any team at all, play will be left to you and your captains discretion. Please be safe and check air quality. Currently they advise everyone to wear masks outside, and all outdoor activities through parks and rec, and the school system have been suspended.

About NVTA

The Napa Valley Tennis Association (NVTA) was founded in 1967 by a group of enthusiastic tennis players whose purpose was to increase tennis participation and interest to the point where a public tennis park would become a reality. After ten years of determination, their dream came true in 1976. Most of the funding for the majority of the project came from a California Recreational Bond, Napa Community Projects and the NVTA. The plans provided for construction of eight courts to be opened to the public at all times and three additional courts added to the existing three at Vintage High School. The NVTA's major contribution, however, was the huge effort by the hundreds of members who volunteered time and energy to do everything from installing the fencing to bringing in the plumbing. Today the responsibility of maintaining the facilities and scheduling activities is the sole responsibility of the NVTA. We are continuing to make improvements and we are very proud of our public tennis park.

NVTA Promotes Tennis!

The Napa Valley Tennis Association promotes tennis in a number of ways:

  • Offers assistance to elementary school teachers and provides junior equipment.
  • Obtains grants from the USTA for new and continuing programs.