Don't miss the ball.... Join the NVTA, new members are always welcome.

Annual dues includes e-newsletter and keys to courts:

  • Juniors (Under 18 years old) $40.00 annually
  • Individual Membership $125.00 anually
  • Family Membership $150.00 annually

Dues are payable January 1st each year. NVTA is a 501(c)(3) and your dues may be tax deductible. For your reference, and for your records, our Federal Tax ID # is 23-7037386.

New members joining during the year pay prorated dues.*

A new member is defined as one who has never been a member of NVTA or was a past member but has not renewed their membership for more than two (2) continuous years prior to date of new registration and has not been a player on a USTA team sponsored by NVTA during the two prior years.

* Prorated dues:

Month joining NVTA Jan-June July-Dec
Junior Membership $40.00 $20.00
Individual Membership $125.00 $62.50
Family Membership $150.00 $75.00

A non-NVTA member wanting to play for one USTA team with NVTA as the home court can pay the following:

  • One-Team Only Limited Membership fee of $50.00
  • This membership does not include gate keys, newsletter nor access to the Membership Directory
  • Limited Membership is terminated at the end of the USTA season
  • Limited Membership is ONE time only and thereafter, annual Membership is required

Fill out and mail thisĀ Membership form to NVTA PO Box 2225 Napa, CA 94558

Be sure to make check payable to NVTA

PayPal Online payments available for full dues payments only. You must pay by check for One Team Limited and Prorated (mid-year) Memberships.

Thank you for supporting NVTA!