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September/October 2011 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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We hope you are enjoying the NVTA eNewsletter! We have heard that some browsers are not allowing our newsletter graphics to appear. View the newsletter online to see all the pix and graphics. You can now conveniently check recent eNewsletter archives as well as the NVTA Court Calendar on our website, napatennis.org thanks to the volunteer services of our expert webmaster Gil Lima and NEW calendar chairmen, Matt Forbes and Todd Santiago.

Please note my new email address at bottom of this newsletter: beverly@beverlywilson.com

Reminder, you can now access the complete NVTA membership directory online. Simply log onto napatennis.org, look in the lower left corner for "CD login". Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name. (Example: bwalsh). The password is 1234. Then go to "user menu" where you can click on member list or click on "your details" to edit your own phone # and email address.

bob walsh
What is happening to our beautiful trees? They have a common bacterial infection called fireblight. The first treatment is to prune the infected limbs to the next healthy lateral branch at least 12" below any sign of coloration. Some have suggested that we replace the trees as the disease is very hard to eliminate, however your board decided to fight and eliminate the blight. On Monday September 19th the final major pruning was accomplished. If we win the fight it will take a few years for the trees to return to their original beauty.
  • Gary Stewart -707-224-5636, garys@tmcorp.us
  • Lynne Miller- 707-251-0648, lynnemiller_2000@yahoo.com
  • Matt Crane- 410-353-6745, mattcrane720@aol.com
  • Debbie McGuire- 707-301-6607 dmdmcg@pacbell.net
  • Terry Davis- 707-257-0358 napavizz@aol.com
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Thanks to Cindi Glasier for this great photo of Winkin watching the mixed doubles final!
There has been some confusion regarding the court scheduling email address.The correct address is nvtatennis@gmail.com.
If anyone finds a set of keys, between the courts and parking lot, please contact Linda Gephart at lgephart55@gmail.com
NV College has determined it could save money by NOT turning on the tennis court lights anymore (except for classes). Due to budget cuts, the dean of physical education has cut some evening classes for this semester. Therefore, no one in the community will get to play under the lights at the college for the remainder of this year, according to a source at the college.

If the Napa Valley Tennis Community does nothing about this latest development, the college will feel it has made an appropriate decision by shutting down the courts at dusk. Please do what you can to encourage the tennis community to get involved in this issue by contacting the Board of Trustee's or the President of the college with their concerns or questions.
If you have kids and like tennis this is a great way to play free- http://membership.usta.com/content.jsp?pageName=NewGame
cap corner
70 and older Pilot League- Another great season has started. There are 37 teams in Northern California, 25 men's teams 7.0, 7.5 and 8.0 and 12 ladies teams at the 7.0 level. There are two teams in Napa, one at NVTA captained by Bob Walsh and another at Silverado captained by Paul Roberts. The majority of the players on the Silverado team are also members of NVTA. The season runs from September through December. All matches are to be played during the week. USTA is hoping to make this a national league and NorCal is doing their part.

CAPTAIN WALSH REPORTS- The Super Senior 60 season has come to and end, a couple of weeks early for this team as their chances of reaching the playoffs were eliminated in a loss to the other NVTA team captained by David Roust. In spite of not making the playoffs it was a good season. The team players were Dick Giusto, Sam La Monica, Bruce Lamoreaux, Louis Martin, Ray Martin, Larry Miyama, Ange Moreno, Til Noeggerath, Randy Skidmore, Ira Smith, Tel Terry and Bob Walsh. Al Facchini spent the season on the injured reserve list.
rick w kids
Go to our site at http://www.napatennis.org and click Pro/lessons to see what is being offered by NVTA Pro, Rick Hanover.

We have numerous USTA leagues for both men and women of all ages and levels. The Napa Sonoma Marin League for ladies who can play during the day is underway. There will be a new beginner ladies league beginning this fall along with a local Napa Valley team format consisting of a singles and doubles team from levels 2.5 - 4.0. For more information or to express your interest please call Rick @ 707 337-3193.
The NVTA Board would like to thank Tom Steinman, the owner/manager of Sportabout for all the help he provides the NVTA.

  • Sportabout
  • 3204 Jefferson St., Napa
  • phone 255-8784
If you are the last to leave the courts, please make sure the gates are closed and locked. We have found them left open overnight several times recently as well as the clubhouse doors. Vandalism has been a big problem in the past and we have spent a great deal of money on secure fencing and motion lights. PLEASE help keep your courts in good condition by locking up! None of us want extra repair expenses, right?
CAPTAIN RESPONSIBILITIES! The home captain is responsible for setting up the courts for a match. This includes squeegeeing the courts, if needed, setting up score tenders, wiping off the table you are going to use for food, opening the bathrooms and making sure they have supplies and then when the match is over, putting away the score tenders, clearing the area of trash, removing all open food containers from the clubhouse and locking all doors and gates. Some of you wonder why we have to spell it out and the reason is that with so many teams from NVTA some of the home captains are forgetting that they are the responsible one.
  • Windows are to be locked with the exception of both bathrooms. Some of you have been closing but not locking the windows. If you don't know how to lock our windows please ask for instruction.
  • Window blinds are to be closed so people on the outside cannot see inside.
  • Do not leave partial containers of food in the kitchen.
  • Clean sink and counter and put away the napkins.
  • Because we do not have janitorial service you might consider dumping the trash from the bathrooms
  • Be sure to lock the gates of the patio and the courts.

The NVTA Court Reporter newsletter will be published monthly. Please submit articles and photos to Bev Wilson.

See you on the courts!

beverly wilson
napa valley tennis association

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