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May 2014 - V6, Issue4
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Hello NVTA Members.

I had Gil, our Web Master, update the picture of our courts on the NVTA homepage with a new one showing the resurfaced courts. Since Gil has put down roots back on the East Coast we would like to find a web savvy individual who can take over that task. From what Gil has told me it is more of a template based design so easy to manipulate. If anyone would like to help we would appreciate it.

The resurfacing project is officially completed. The eight courts will be ready for play this weekend!!

The Board is currently working on getting the Tennis Classic ready for July so if any Members can help volunteer let us know. Lis MacDonald is spearheading coordinating tasks so you can contact her directly if you can help out.

Hope you enjoy! See you on the courts.

Fred Facchini, President
  • Lisa Dierking - lisadierking@gmail.com
  • Jim and Lesley Keffer Russell - lesleyK@hotmail.com

If you are on one of the 11 teams starting up this April, make sure your 2014 membership is current.

  • Full-year membership for individuals is ONLY $100.
  • Full-year membership for family is ONLY $125.
  • One-team membership is $50.
  • Join or renew now for the full year and play on multiple teams!

  • This is a 100% Volunteer organization! Membership dues go towards maintaining our club. Please send your check to NVTA PO Box 2225, Napa, CA 94558, or drop off your check at Sportabout or go to the NVTA website to pay via PayPal: napatennis.org

    Remember, NVTA is a non-profit-- membership dues are tax-deductible. Don't forget to include this donation on your taxes in April.

    ****If you are having difficulty seeing all the great photos in our newsletter, please be sure to click on "Display Images" on your computer.****
    NVTA has 23 USTA teams registered since the beginning of 2014 and 3 SNMWTL teams.

    Let's hear it for the NVTA unsung heroes! Our USTA Captains!!

    What would we be without their dedication to having fun and diligence in forming USTA teams? While the job of Captain can be very rewarding the duties can be staggering. Dealing with the opposing teams, hauling balls, water and food, reading the USTA rules, coming up with the winning lineup, working through the USTA website, scheduling matches and court availability are just some of the duties of these heroes. So lets give them a huge 'Thank You" the next time you see them. Listed below are the heroes who were captains between 2011 and 2014.

    Hip, Hip Hurrah!

    • Lorraine Fazzolare
    • Matt Forbes
    • Kirk Geyer
    • Dick Giusto
    • Sets Guillen
    • Kathy Hess
    • Sharon Howell
    • Dan Hunt
    • Anthony Kelly
    • Beverly Leonard
    • Lis MacDonald
    • Jackie McCoy
    • Chris Moore
    • Victoria O'Donnell
    • Marcus Perry
    • Rosemary Quinn
    • Cheryl Richburg
    • Franz Riedel
    • Marisa Roach
    • Tove Robinson
    • Dave Roust
    • Randy Skidmore
    • Terri Somers
    • Bob Walsh
    • Yong Suk Willendrup
    It's that time of the year and time to celebrate on our newly resurfaced courts!

    We will hold the annual Spring Fling Mixed Doubles event on Friday evening May 30th. Following the round robin there will be a potluck and we will have the barbeque available for anyone who wants to grill.

    This event is sponsored by your NVTA Board of Directors and there will be no entry fees this year!

    Play will start promptly at 5:30. Our tournament director extraordinaire, Matt Forbes, requests that all players arrive and sign in by 5:00. We cannot guarantee play for any late arrivals!!! Find a partner and sign up together or just sign up and we'll do our best to find you a partner. All levels are welcome. Members are asked to bring a dish to share and pot- luck requests are divided into groups based on the initial of your last name:

    • A-F-bring appetizers
    • G-L-bring a main dish
    • M-S-bring desserts
    • T-Z-bring a side dish

    Everyone please bring drinks to share and one can of new balls.

    To participate, please email Matt Forbes at forbesmg@comcast.net with your name, partner's name and level of play.
    Everyone enjoyed seeing the classic photo of Bob in last month's newsletter.

    There were a few suggestions to see more classic photos.

    Send some 'oldies' to Lorraine at napa10s@gmail.com.

    Do you recognize these players?

    Hint: Two were famous tennis players!
    Send your answers to Lorraine at:napa10s@gmail.com and we'll post in next month's issue.
    The Board wanted to mention to club members that they are looking for a used wheelchair to store at the clubhouse in the event of an injury or court emergency.

    The wheelchair would be used to get a person to the parking lot, in the event of a minor injury. Clearly, in the event of a serious illness or emergency, call 911 immediately. A lightweight and collapsible wheelchair is preferred.

    If you have a wheelchair that you would like to donate to NVTA, please let a board member know.
    Monday night cardio class tests out our new, blue courts!

    Come on out, get the heart pumping and get in shape for the adult league season!

    The NVTA A W3.5 40's are moving on to Districts at the Laguna Creek Racquet Club on Friday, May 2.

    They were in 4th place at the end of the season, took on the Green Valley the undefeated first place team, beat them 2-1, under the lights and all in the first round of local league playoffs. Then the two NVTA teams played last Saturday with the A team beating the B team.

    It was a very, very close match again. Magaly Otero of the A team lost to Heather Burnham, 6-4,7-6. Karen Waite and Christy Roberts followed their winning ways from the Green Valley Match and split sets with Lynette Hunt and Shay Martin, 4-6, 6-1,7-6 victory. Nancy Coursen and Esther Guardado split sets with Deniece Mailloux and Sue Hanson 3-6,6-4,7-5.

    First match on Friday is at 12:30 at Laguna Creek, join us. Our opponent will be Sun Oaks from Redding, with a familiar face on the roster, Sheila Chapman. We would love to have rooters from NVTA anytime next weekend.

    Players are: Carmen Contreras, Nancy Coursen, Esther Guardado, Kathy Hess, Magaly Otero, Christy Roberts, Dana Simpon-Stokes, Karen Waite, and Nancy Waldeck. Captain, Cheryl Richburg, Co Captain Trish Lyon.
    The 55+ 4.0 Men's team is heading to Sectionals this month!

    Pictured l to r: Fred Facchini, Chuck Simonds, Paul Johnstone, Steve Somers, Frank Lauricella, Marcus Perry, Mike Fischer, Mike Smith
    The 2013-14 Sonoma/Napa/Marin Women's Tennis League's season has drawn to a close. Our NVTA teams did a great job this year, as always. Kathy Hess and Nancy Coursen's Division 6 team won the play off for the year in an exciting match and will now move up to Division 5.

    One of our two teams in Division 4, captained by Sharon Howell and Janet Gelow, went to a play off as well. This is the team's first year in Division 4 so I fully expect they'll take the banner next year. The third team headed by Rosemary Quinn and Jude Delorefice respectably came out in the middle of the pack. The season's over for now but the 2014-15 season starts in August. Congratulations to All!

    Division 6 NVTA Team: back row from left - Tove Robinson, Nancy Miyama, Carol Redpath, Joan Sibley, and Ingrid Swenson; middle row - Donna Gordon, Peggy Smith, Diana Corrigan, Chrissy Roberts, Susan Modrall, Carol Cole, Nancy Gardner, Nancy Hill, and Laura Silva; front row - Patricia Argente, Nancy Coursen, Terri Somers, Kathy Hess, Diane Jenson, and Linda Gephart.

    All matches are held weekday mornings and involve traveling to other clubs in the Sonoma/Napa/Marin area. If you are interested in participating, please contact Nancy Gardner, NVTA Club Rep, at ngondrycreek@gmail.com or 944-1345.
    Many NVTA members enjoyed playing on the Silverado D-1 team, ending the year in 2nd place.

    After a long, challenging year, the team took time to celebrate with an enjoyable round robin and luncheon at Meadowood.

    NVTA members seated l to r: Ericka Iten, Pam Schultz, Nancy Tracy, Barbara Breeze, Host Amy Rogers, Yong Willendrup. Standing l to r: Cathy Billecci, Nancy Baty, Co-Captain Caroline Price, Jackie McCoy, Suzanne Sandberg, Marie Torkelson, Barb Woodbridge, Captain Lorraine Fazzolare. NVTA members not pictured: Phoebe Holbrook, Laurence Schlatter, Liz Shafer
    Silverado Tennis is excited to begin offering a highly energizing 6-week Cardio Tennis workout with TRX strength training.

    Runs: May 6th through June 10th
    When: Tuesday's 5:30pm - 7:00 pm
    6 Week Sessions: $100/ members and $140/non-members
    Drop in: $25 members and $35 non-members
    To Register: (707) 257-5541 or jacob.hansen@pbitennis.com
    If you are the last to leave the courts, please make sure the gates are closed and locked. We have found them left open overnight several times recently as well as the clubhouse doors. Vandalism has been a big problem in the past and we have spent a great deal of money on secure fencing and motion lights. PLEASE help keep your courts in good condition by locking up! None of us want extra repair expenses, right?
    Buy local and support our friends at Sportabout!

    Spring sandals have arrived, including Merrill's, Keen, Birkenstock and Keva! Mention this newsletter and receive $10 off all regularly priced shoes, sandals and clogs over $70, or 10% off if priced under $70.

    2014 Racquets are in stock now. Call ahead to reserve a demo racquet of your choice. Find a new racquet for our new, resurfaced courts!

    You can also pay your membership dues at Sportabout!

    The NVTA Board would like to thank Tom Steinman, the owner/manager of Sportabout for all the help he provides to the NVTA.

    3204 Jefferson St., Napa
    phone 255-8784

    Whether buying or selling, why not consider my help as your "Paperless" Agent along the way? The entire purchase or listing transaction is completed with you and your digital signatures on my iPad then emailed to you to save on your computer or tablet. Less paper to keep organized and more trees to be saved!

    Marcus Perry
    Real Estate Broker/Owner
    Napa Valley Homes Today
    707.812.8280 phone
    BRE# 00847003
    100% of the proceeds from advertising in the Newsletter will go towards NVTA's High School Tennis Scholarship Fund.

    We encourage you to support our fellow NVTA tennis members.

    If you are interested in advertising in our newsletter, please contact Lorraine at napa10s@gmail.com
    You can now access the complete NVTA membership directory online. Simply log onto napatennis.org, look in the lower left corner for "CD login". Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name. (Example: bwalsh). The password is 1234. Then go to "user menu" where you can click on member list or click on "your details" to edit or update your own phone # and email address.

    The Directory will be updated in the coming months. Thanks for your patience.

    The NVTA Court Reporter newsletter will be published monthly. Please submit articles and photos to Lorraine Fazzolare at napa10s@gmail.com.

    See you on the courts!

    lorraine fazzolare
    napa valley tennis association

    napa valley tennis association | PO Box 2225 | Napa | CA | 94558