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January 2014 - V6, Issue1
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"I finally got my hands on one of these racquets. They only let me watch. Look out Federer twins - here I come!!"

Hello NVTA Members.

Please plan to come to our Annual Meeting on January 26, at 1pm. At this time, we will elect new board members and answer any questions you may have on future plans at our club.

Immediately following the meeting, we will have a Round Robin social with great food and beverages.

This is a great opportunity for new members to come out and meet fellow members. I look forward to seeing you all and meeting some of the new members.

Hope you enjoy! See you on the courts.

Fred Facchini, President
  • Matthew Hoskins - matthewkamau3@msn.com
  • Tom Kincaid - tkincaid@sonic.net
  • Geoffrey and Brenda Leigh - gkleigh@gmail.com
  • Richard and Sherri Neefe - sherri.neefe@gmail.com
  • Lynn Peterkin - flightfare@msn.com

Dues are due! You have until January 31 to pay your membership dues for the 2014 calendar year. Pay now and cross it off your to-'due' list! If you are on one of the 15 teams starting up this January, make sure your membership dues have been paid. Dues invoices were sent via e-mail in December.

  • Full-year membership for individuals is ONLY $100.
  • Full-year membership for family is ONLY $125.
  • One-team membership is $50.
  • Join or renew now for the full year and play on multiple teams!

  • This is a 100% Volunteer organization! Membership dues go towards maintaining our club. This spring you will notice newly surfaced courts and new wind screens.

    Please send your check to NVTA PO Box 2225, Napa, CA 94558, or go to the NVTA website to pay via PayPal. Napatennis.org. Remember, NVTA is a non-profit: your membership dues is tax-deductible. Don't forget to include this donation on your taxes in April.

    ****If you are having difficulty seeing all the great photos in our newsletter, please be sure to click on "Display Images" on your computer.****
    NVTA has 12 teams registered for the 40+ and 55+ leagues and 3 SNMWTL teams starting in January! It looks to be another busy season on the courts. If you are interested in getting on a team, make sure your 2014 membership dues have been paid and contact one of the captains before signing up on a team.

    Attention Captains: Please remember that all teammates must be current members of NVTA prior to playing in any matches.

    • Full-year membership for individuals is ONLY $100.
    • Full-year membership for family is ONLY $125.
    • One-team membership is $50.
    • Join or renew now for the full year and play on multiple teams!

    Please refer to the court calendar in your smartphone to see if another team has a match following your match. Make sure your matches start on time and adhere to the 5 minute warmup!

    If there is a match scheduled after your match, you must play a mandatory 3rd set 10 point match tie-break, not a full 3rd set.

    Thank you for adhering to this rule during another busy season.
    January 26th at 1:00pm
    We will have a mixed doubles Round Robin immediately following the Annual Meeting to elect new board members.
    Please come with any questions you would like to discuss.

    NVTA will provide a BBQ for everyone. Please feel free to bring an appetizer or dessert and the beverage of your choice.

    First name: A-J - Appetizer
    First name: K-Z - Dessert

    Here's what you need to do if you would like to play in the round robin:

    Email Matt Forbes at forbesmg@comcast.net to sign up.

    Please include the following -
    • Name/Partner/or state you 'need a partner'
    • You and your partner's Level -- 3.0, 3.5, etc
    • Provide your best contact number

    If you are interested in becoming a board member, or if you would like to nominate someone, Cindi Glasier is chair of the nominating committee. For more information, you can reach Cindi at: tumbleweed12@comcast.net
    Congratulations are in order! Many of you may remember the 8.0 Mixed matches when teammate Todd Santiago gave his opponents the evil eye if their shots came too close to his partner. That's because she finished up the season with a fantastic 5-1 record while she was 6 months pregnant.

    Megan Skupny had an adorable baby girl on Christmas Eve named Felton Grace. We'll expect to see both of them out on the courts in the new year, Megan! Congratulations! (Send photos!)
    Captain Lorraine Fazzolare and Co-Captain Yong Willendrup report their 8.5 combo team will be in the playoffs against Rancho on January 17.

    The team is looking forward to a great match against their friends and rivals!
    The NVTA men's 7.5 team closed out their regular season play with a 8-0 record and will now move on to the playoffs with home court advantage throughout. The team was led by the strong play of Terrence Sims 5/0, Dan Wodarcyk 5/1, Bryan Arbios 4/0, Dan Hunt 4/0,Tom Kincaid 3/0, Ken Leahy, Franz Riedel at 3/1. Also contributing were Ben Caron, Fred Facchini, Tony Kelly, Dave Oliver, Chris Swain, Mike Zuniga, and Matt Forbes.

    The first round playoff match will be January 18th at 10 AM Vintage courts versus Vacaville.

    Pictured left to right: Dan Wodarcyk, Matt Forbes, Tony Kelly, Ken Leahy, Mike Zuniga,Terrence Sims, Ben Caron,Dave Oliver
    The 2014 Sonoma/Napa/Marin Women's Tennis League is about to begin this month. NVTA has three teams: Division 4 Orange (Sharon Howell, Captain), Division 4 Yellow (Rosemary Quinn, Captain) and Division 6 (Kathy Hess, Captain)

    The Division 4 (aka A-3) NVTA Orange team ended their season in 2nd place losing the #1 spot by 2 points to Piper Park. A Christmas party was held at the home of Susan Hanson. The team started off the morning with a Round Robin and ended with a catered lunch from Hawaiian BBQ at Susan's home. Sets always plans the parties with games, prizes etc. Thanks to Sue and Sets for another fun party. (Editorial note: We want details and pictures of Sets' games!!)

    Pictured, Left to right Back Row: Sue Hanson, Carmen Mackey, Carol Zuniga, Beverly Holdsworth, Amy Dudley, Lynette Hunt, Janice Peterson, Front row : Sharon Howell, Sets Guillen, Carol Euser, Leslie Simpkins, Janet Gelow

    All matches are held weekday mornings and involve traveling to other clubs in the Sonoma/Napa/Marin area. If you are interested in participating, please contact Nancy Gardner, NVTA Club Rep, at ngondrycreek@gmail.com or 944-1345.
    A) As the ball is struck by the opponent/practice partner, say "I SEE THE BALL." This cue will force-focus your attention to the ball. Focus on the part of the ball you are going to hit, (not the entire ball), before, during and at middle part of contact stroke. As you start your forward swing, say "HIT" (at contact), as to extend your exhale. Stay down & don't move your head when you hit the ball (like golf).

    B) Not about actually "seeing the ball" (humans are incapable of seeing a ball hit the strings) but miss-hits are caused by a poor swing THROUGH CONTACT (lifting, chopping, pulling around way too much or too early). Drive through the ball well during the MIDDLE part of your swing, no matter what kind of shot.

    DIVIDE the stroke into:
    1. Begin - prepare
    2. Middle - contact
    3. Finish - follow through gives ball extra momentum

    Once you've hit your shot, you are now ready to watch your opponent and your opponent's racquet (don't watch the ball until the opponent actually makes contact with the ball.)


    If you have a tennis tip you would like to share in future newsletters, please email to Lorraine Fazzolare at: napa10s@gmail.com
    If you are the last to leave the courts, please make sure the gates are closed and locked. We have found them left open overnight several times recently as well as the clubhouse doors. Vandalism has been a big problem in the past and we have spent a great deal of money on secure fencing and motion lights. PLEASE help keep your courts in good condition by locking up! None of us want extra repair expenses, right?
    Please Keep Our Club and Courts Clean and Secure! The only way to lock the doors of the clubhouse is the deadbolt. The other locks have been removed.

    • Windows are to be locked with the exception of both bathrooms. Some of you have been closing but not locking the windows. If you don't know how to lock our windows please ask for instruction.
    • Window blinds are to be closed so people on the outside cannot see inside.
    • Do not leave partial containers of food in the kitchen.
    • Clean sink and counter and put away the napkins.
    • Because we do not have janitorial service you might consider dumping the trash from the bathrooms
    • Be sure to lock the gates of the patio and the courts.

    Remember to have a 5-minute warmup and ALWAYS play a 3rd set match tiebreak if your courts are reserved for a match immediately following your match.

    The court is reserved for the next match. They have a right to kick your match off the court!
    Buy local and support our friends at Sportabout!

    Last chance for great deals on 2013 racquets!

    Want to see what's new in Wilson, Babalot, Prince and Head racquets? New models are arriving every day. Come in to demo the new 2014 models.

    You can look forward to some new bright and colorful tennis shoes in 2014. I'm sure you've already seen some of them bouncing around in Australia!

    The NVTA Board would like to thank Tom Steinman, the owner/manager of Sportabout for all the help he provides to the NVTA.

    3204 Jefferson St., Napa
    phone 255-8784
    You can now access the complete NVTA membership directory online. Simply log onto napatennis.org, look in the lower left corner for "CD login". Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name. (Example: bwalsh). The password is 1234. Then go to "user menu" where you can click on member list or click on "your details" to edit or update your own phone # and email address.

    The Directory will be updated in the coming months. Thanks for your patience.

    We are looking for a volunteer webmeister to help us out, since Gil Lima is now doing this from snowy Rhode Island. If you'd like to volunteer, please let us know.

    Experienced on the tennis court and handling your real estate needs as well. I am here to help!

    Marcus Perry
    Napa Valley Homes Today
    707.812.8280 phone
    BRE# 00847003

    The NVTA Court Reporter newsletter will be published monthly. Please submit articles and photos to Lorraine Fazzolare at napa10s@gmail.com.

    See you on the courts!

    lorraine fazzolare
    napa valley tennis association

    napa valley tennis association | PO Box 2225 | Napa | CA | 94558