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April 2014 - V6, Issue3
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Hello NVTA Members.

I want to remind you that we are having our courts resurfaced starting this Friday, April 4th, as long as the courts are dry. The Saviano Company is doing the resurfacing and they will start on courts 1-4, when finished they will do courts 5-8. This way we will always have 4 courts available for play. The process is supposed to take 4 weeks so please enjoy the Springtime and our newly resurfaced courts and new windscreens!

Thank you members--your dues helped pay for Courts #1-8 to get resurfaced and have new 6 foot windscreens on the south end. The 6 foot windscreens have the advantage of quicker drying court surfaces during the wet season.
The resurfacing and replacing the net posts will cost $36,000. The materials cost for the windscreens is $1,424.31. The labor was done by our faithful volunteers: Bruce Lamoreaux and Al Facchini who completed the job last Sunday, March 30. It took 7 days to complete the installation of all the new windscreens. Also for those of you that notice the details, courts 1-4 have new number signs at a cost of $67.79.

Your dues at work!!!

Hope you enjoy! See you on the courts.

Fred Facchini, President
  • Bob and Rena Benz - renabenz5@gmail.com

If you are on one of the 11 teams starting up this April, make sure your 2014 membership is current.

  • Full-year membership for individuals is ONLY $100.
  • Full-year membership for family is ONLY $125.
  • One-team membership is $50.
  • Join or renew now for the full year and play on multiple teams!

  • This is a 100% Volunteer organization! Membership dues go towards maintaining our club. Please send your check to NVTA PO Box 2225, Napa, CA 94558, or go to the NVTA website to pay via PayPal: napatennis.org.

    Remember, NVTA is a non-profit-- membership dues are tax-deductible. Don't forget to include this donation on your taxes in April.

    ****If you are having difficulty seeing all the great photos in our newsletter, please be sure to click on "Display Images" on your computer.****
    NVTA has 11 teams registered for the Adult and 65+ leagues and 3 SNMWTL teams will be concluding their season in April!
    It looks to be another busy season on the courts.

    April will be especially challenging as there will only be 4 courts available while we resurface the courts!! It will be great to start the adult leagues with new courts in May!

    Interested in getting on a team,??? Make sure your 2014 membership dues have been paid and contact one of the captains before signing up on a team.
    Several teams are looking for players. Go to the link to find a team:

    Attention Captains: Please remember that all teammates must be current members of NVTA prior to playing in any matches.

    Please refer to the court calendar posted on the bulletin board or check on your smartphone (napatennis.org) to see if another team has a match following your match. Make sure your matches start on time and adhere to the 5 minute warmup! If there is a match scheduled after your match, you must play a mandatory 3rd set 10 point match tie-break, not a full 3rd set.

    Thank you for adhering to this rule during another busy season.
    Thanks to everyone from the community who came to support Ron Miller when he lobbied in front of the Napa Valley College Board to reinstate the lights turned on at the tennis courts.

    The College has agreed to program the lights to go on from dusk to 9 pm, Monday-Friday!
    On February 25, NVTA hosted a Women's Doubles one-day entry level tournament for 2.5/3.0 players. The format was a round robin so there was plenty of match play. The tournament provided morning snack, lunch and awards ceremony for players.

    We wanted to get at least 24 players entered in the tournament, but there's something special about spending a day in Napa Valley!

    We ended up with 78 players registered for our tournament, producing the largest 2.5/3.0 One-Day Tournament!!

    A very special thanks to Jacob and Katie, at Silverado Country Club for allowing us use their courts, enabling us to enter all 78 players into the tournament!

    Huge thanks to USTA's DeDee Winfield and Cheryl Silva for their assistance at both tournament desks. Success also comes from all the NVTA volunteers who helped make this event so successful. They were: The A& B TEAM (Al and Bob), Fred Facchini, Tony Kelly, Sharon Howell, Lynnette Hunt, The B&B TEAM (Barbara and Bruce), Chuck Simonds, Barb Woodbridge and the creative touch of Bev Wilson for her help with the awards!
    NVTA members Victoria O'Donnell and Bob Walsh celebrated at the annual USTA Aces Luncheon in February.

    Congratulations to Victoria O'Donnell for receiving the 'Captain of the Year' award. Victoria was accompanied to the luncheon by her husband, David Roust, and good friend Carmen Contreras.

    Bob Walsh received a national award, 'Tennis Industry 2013 Champion Advocate of the Year' award for his volunteer service to the tennis industry over the years, including league coordinator for over 20 years.

    Bob was accompanied by his long-time friend (and partner in tinkering) Al Facchini, his chauffeur and dear friend Lorraine Fazzolare, and his good friends Barbara Pahl and Bruce Lamoreaux.
    Congratulations to NVTA members who played USTA tournaments last year and ended the year with a ranking!

    NTRP Player of the Year!:
    Congratulations to long-term NVTA member Pam Schultz for winning the Women's 60 Singles Player of the Year!

      Year-End Rankings
    • Women's 45 Singles -- #3 Lisa Miller
    • Women's 50 Singles -- #5 Gila Freeberg
    • Women's 55 Singles -- #10 Pam Schultz
    • Women's 60 Singles -- #1 Pam Schultz
    • Men's 65 Singles -- #8 Zdenek Zahradnicek
    • Women's 3.0 Singles -- #13 Elizabeth Allen
    • Mixed 4.5 Individual Doubles -- #1 Annie Moore
    • Women's 4.5 Doubles --#1 Nancy Wong/Veronica Lynch
    Yes...that's Bob Walsh in the photo above! We all know Bob is a cool guy these days, but he was very cool with his black Converse high tops back then!

    This is such a well-deserved, and long overdue accomplishment for Bob. When they heard the news in the USTA office, Anna Oliphant and DeDee Winfield both exclaimed that they were waiting for this day for many years! (Editor's note: I was at Bob's house when he received the phone call and he was so excited. He couldn't wait to share the news with his wife, Lu.) Congratulations, Bob, this is such an honor!

    An exerpt from USTA NorCal News

    Can one man positively impact the lives of hundreds?

    Ask Bob Walsh.

    For more than 20 years, Walsh's volunteer activities have brought positive change to USTA NorCal and to the Napa Valley communities that, at age 88, he continues to serve as USTA NorCal Adult League Local Area Coordinator.
    Walsh has been the catalyst for everything from extending league play to seniors to the construction and maintenance of tennis courts. He has been a captain, a committee chair, a fundraiser -- anything to further the game he has played, off and on, for about 70 years.

    Walsh says his role model was his father, "a very honest and honorable Irishman" who was one of the first highway patrol officers in the state. Walter Marnell Walsh Sr. played tennis; so did Walsh's older brother, Walter Jr. who was No. 1 on the high school team when Walsh joined as a freshman.

    "Our family was very competitive and the challenge was on," Walsh said.

    Read the entire USTA article by going to the following link:

    NVTA Women's 40+ 3.5 A & B are both in local league playoffs. NVTA team B won the match between A and B,a close 2-1 victory. NVTA B, captained by Sets Guillen came in 2nd in the league and will be playing Benicia on the NVTA courts. NVTA A will be playing against Green Valley on Friday, April 11 at 6:30 PM at Green Valley. Players for NVTA A team are Carmen Contreras, Nancy Coursen, Esther Guardado, Kathy Hess, Bev Leonard, Magaly Otero, Christy Roberts, Lauren Robson, Dana Simpson-Stokes, Karen Waite, and Nancy Waldeck. The team is captained by Cheryl Richburg and Trish Lyon

    NVTA Women's 55+ 7.0 team will be hosting the local league playoff on April 5 at 9:00 AM. The opponent will be Green Valley. The NVTA team captured the #1 position with a 6-1 record. Players for this team: Carmen Contreras, Nancy Coursen, Esther Guardado, Kathy Hess, Sharon Howell, Heejoo Lee, Trish Lyon, Lis MacDonald, Deniece Mailloux, Winifred Nemiroff, Dana Simpson-Stokes, Karen Waite, and Nancy Waldeck. The team is captained by Cheryl Richburg and Trish Lyon.

    An all day tennis affair in Vacaville was held on Sunday, March 16 with both of the NVTA A teams victorious 2-1. Very close matches. Coincidentally the NVTA M55+ 8.0 team was playing a match there as well and also victorious.
    Here's a photo of a group of us from NVTA at Indian Wells - Carol Zuniga, Bev Holdsworth, Sets Guillen, Sue Hanson, and Carmen Mackey.

    It was a week of amazing tennis, food, wine, and friends - can't wait to do it all again next year!
    The 40+ Women's 4.5 team is having a great season with a 7-3 record and only 1 match to go, they have a hold on 3rd place. They're all smiles as they beat their friends on the Rancho team 3-0 on this beautiful day.

    Pictured l to r: Barb Woodbridge, Yong Willendrup, Annie Moore, Nancy Tracy and Melanie Voss.

    All matches are held weekday mornings and involve traveling to other clubs in the Sonoma/Napa/Marin area. If you are interested in participating, please contact Nancy Gardner, NVTA Club Rep, at ngondrycreek@gmail.com or 944-1345.
    You're Invited to the 4th Annual Volley in the Valley Tennis Tournament on May 4-5, 2014! We look forward to your participation as a player, dinner attendee, or sponsor to help raise funds for St. Helena Hospital's Heart Institute. Players participate in 2 days of fun and friendship at Meadowood Napa Valley and enjoy a spectacular dinner event at The Napa Valley Reserve. To play in the tournament, attend the dinner, or to become a sponsor, sign up online at:

    Thank you for your support of St. Helena Hospital!

    The Tournament raises much-needed funds for the Adventist Heart Institute which directly benefits St. Helena Hospital and the local community. As the leading cardiac program in the area, the Heart Institute depends on continued innovation and the ability to attract first-rate physicians who can provide comprehensive services with the most advanced treatments available. "St. Helena Hospital's Cardiovascular Center operates one of the busiest cardiac programs in the region," says Dr. Andreas Sakopoulos, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. "Expanded and updated facilities are a must to keep pace with the growing number of patients who come to the hospital for treatment."
    You know you play too much tennis when you hold your fork with an eastern grip.

    If you have a tennis tip you would like to share in future newsletters, please email to Lorraine Fazzolare at: napa10s@gmail.com
    Silverado Tennis is excited to begin offering a highly energizing 6-week Cardio Tennis workout with TRX strength training.

    Runs: May 6th through June 10th
    When: Tuesday's 5:30pm - 7:00 pm
    6 Week Sessions: $100/ members and $140/non-members
    Drop in: $25 members and $35 non-members
    To Register: (707) 257-5541 or jacob.hansen@pbitennis.com
    If you are the last to leave the courts, please make sure the gates are closed and locked. We have found them left open overnight several times recently as well as the clubhouse doors. Vandalism has been a big problem in the past and we have spent a great deal of money on secure fencing and motion lights. PLEASE help keep your courts in good condition by locking up! None of us want extra repair expenses, right?
    The following items were lost or left behind at the courts. Please contact Lorraine at: napa10s@gmail.com if any of these items belong to you. A cut stone was found under the bench on court 4. Check your jewelry to see if you are missing a precious stone.
    • A cut stone was found under the bench on court 4. Check your jewelry to see if you are missing a precious stone.
    • A bluetooth ear piece.
    • A Wilson tennis racquet found on the bleachers at court 5.
    Buy local and support our friends at Sportabout!

    Spring sandals have arrived, including Merrill's, Keen, Birkenstock and Keva! Mention this newsletter and receive $10 off all regularly priced shoes, sandals and clogs over $70, or 10% off if priced under $70.

    2014 Racquets are in stock now. Call ahead to reserve a demo racquet of your choice. Find a new racquet for our new, resurfaced courts!

    You can also pay your membership dues at Sportabout!

    The NVTA Board would like to thank Tom Steinman, the owner/manager of Sportabout for all the help he provides to the NVTA.

    3204 Jefferson St., Napa
    phone 255-8784

    Whether buying or selling, why not consider my help as your "Paperless" Agent along the way? The entire purchase or listing transaction is completed with you and your digital signatures on my iPad then emailed to you to save on your computer or tablet. Less paper to keep organized and more trees to be saved!

    Marcus Perry
    Real Estate Broker/Owner
    Napa Valley Homes Today
    707.812.8280 phone
    BRE# 00847003
    All proceeds from advertising in the Newsletter will go towards NVTA's High School Tennis Scholarship Fund.

    We encourage you to support our fellow NVTA tennis members.

    If you are interested in advertising in our newsletter, please contact Lorraine at napa10s@gmail.com
    You can now access the complete NVTA membership directory online. Simply log onto napatennis.org, look in the lower left corner for "CD login". Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name. (Example: bwalsh). The password is 1234. Then go to "user menu" where you can click on member list or click on "your details" to edit or update your own phone # and email address.

    The Directory will be updated in the coming months. Thanks for your patience.

    The NVTA Court Reporter newsletter will be published monthly. Please submit articles and photos to Lorraine Fazzolare at napa10s@gmail.com.

    See you on the courts!

    lorraine fazzolare
    napa valley tennis association

    napa valley tennis association | PO Box 2225 | Napa | CA | 94558